What Our Customers Say

Dear Sir,

In this life we are always too ready criticise and very reticent to offer praise. however this week whilst dealing with your company, I found myself the beneficiary of what I consider magnificent service.

On Thursday afternoon at 4.30 I finally located you on your new telephone after an abortive attempt in Coleshill. I explained to your young lady the part I was seeking, she said ‘yes’, took my credit card number and said it would be dispatched in two or three days. She was so convinced that it was the right part that she informed me her name was Emma and I could call back if I was not satisfied.

To my utter amazement the postman delivered the necessary box here in Bakewell the following morning at 8:30am. That would suggest … excellent service and I thank both you and Emma.

Mr H

From Bakewell, Derbyshire

Just a quick note to say that I have received everything now, and to add how pleased I was with the speed and efficiency with which my order was handled, with a special thank you to Emma (sales) who was extremely polite and efficient. This is my second Maxmatic waste disposer, the first of which was purchased in 1988!

Mr V

from Hertfordshire

I would like to thank you for supplying us with the Maxmatic 5000, we are absolutely delighted. We have had excellent service with the previous waste disposal and recommend your company to our friends.

Mr R

from Tilbury

I ordered a replacement Magnitop plug for my 20-year-old Maxmatic yesterday morning, over the internet. I was delighted to receive the same at 08:00 hours this morning. What a wonderful service.

Mr & Mrs T

from England

Hi Max appliances people, our sincere thanks for your first class service, our magnitop plugs arrived today and are operating wonderfully, your service is first class. All have a nice day over there in the old country.

Mrs M

From New Zealand

I am writing to offer my congratulations to Max Appliances for the extremely efficient and prompt way that my order for the above was handled. it is very rare these days to get a product in just one day!! Also to have a confirmatory phone call concerning the method of delivery and e-mail confirmation as well, must rate 100% for attention to detail. My Magnitop is already fitted and works perfectly. Many thanks again for such a splendid and immediate response to my order.

Mr M

From England

I am writing to you to let you know that my Maxmatic, my friend and right hand man in the kitchen for the past 26 years, has succumbed to the trials of old age and must now be replaced.

My thoughts go back to 1975 when I proudly tried out my new Maxmatic, safely installed in the brand new kitchen in the Victorian house we had just moved into with our two children and a third on the way. Over the years I must have thrown tons of kitchen waste to our ‘MAX’ who safely chewed up whatever came his way instantly, hygienically and with no fuss! He must have dreaded all those times of cooking mania –birthdays, Christmas – all those turkey bones

Over the years all he ever required was one change of Magnitop. I do not understand how people can manage without a Maxmatic – all those vegetable peelings, tea bags, meal leftovers etc. are left lying around in bin bags, so messy!

I sadly say goodbye to my old friend, he has served me well despite being taken for granted on many occasions. The light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that I can replace my Maxmatic with a brand new one. I look forward to the same high standard of service from my new machine.

Mrs R

From Perth