Maxmatic Owner Troubleshooting

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My Maxmatic Will Not Start on Installation

1) Check the installation alignment  Full Installation Instructions here

Quick Guide here

My Maxmatic has stopped working

1) Turn off the electrical supply to the Maxmatic

2) Check that the rotor turns freely in both directions with the De-Jam Key, available here if you have lost it

3) Check that the switch on the front of the control box is not in the center “Off” position, either side is good

4) Press the reset button on the base of the motor, you should feel and hear a click if the unit had tripped out

5) Restore power and try again

Printable Version available here


My Maxmatic has become fiddly to start with the Magnitop plug or Magnitube

1) The Magnitop plug or Magnitube may need replacing. They are available here 

2) The machine is not correctly aligned. Instructions on alignment here 

I've bought a new Magnitop Plug or Magnitube and it will not start the Maxmatic

Your machine is most likely out of alignment

1) Re- align as per the installation instructions

2) If the Maxmatic is old, or you are unable to re align, then try a double magnet plug availabe here


I have a cloth, cutlery or hard object stuck in my Maxmatic




1) Disconnect the Maxmatic from the electrical power supply

2) With the De Jam key, gently try to turn the rotor in each direction, when you feel some movement, pull the offending item with long pliers while continuing to turn the rotor in each direction

Long Pliers available here

De Jam Key available here

There is a bad smell coming from my Maxmatic

Your Maxmatic should not cause a smell

If it does, but only occationally, try using Disposer Care cleaner available here 

If it is more persistant, then the problem is usually poor plumbing 

Waste Pipe
It is most important that a few basic rules are followed to ensure correct operation. A bad installation will result in pipe blockages, smells and a greatly reduced life expectancy of the unit and may invalidate your warranty.

  1. a) A ‘P’ or ‘S’ type trap should be used. Bottle traps must not be used.
    b) Stop ends and tee connections should be avoided.
    c) The diameter of the pipe work must not be reduced from the disposal unit to the drain. If the run to the drain is long or meandering, it is advisable to increase the diameter to 54mm (2″).
    d) A fall of 15 Degrees is ideal, it is most important that the unit drains fully.
    e) The waste outlet must not discharge over a grate.
    f) The connection of a dishwasher or washing machine outlet to the same waste will help to flush the pipe work, our units are supplied with a connection.
My Maxmatic hums and then trips the cut out


1) Turn off the electrical supply to the Maxmatic

2) Check that the rotor turns freely in both directions with the De-Jam Key, available here if you have lost it


My Maxmatic trips the supply at the household consumer unit

You will need an engineer to diagnose the problem

Please switch off the electrical supply and remove any food waste with plastic tongs

Use the Contact Us page to send us your details, including the serial number of your unit and a brief description of the problem, we will come straight back to you

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