Refurbished and Factory Seconds

These units are either factory re-built from service exchange or new build that have some sort of superficial imperfection that will not affect its performance or life expectancy.

We fit new water-seals and make all the latest production modifications, as far as reasonably possible we clean all reused parts, but some parts like the drain chamber and spout may be stained.

We included a 12-month return to us warranty. We have done this to differentiate the product from our new units and also to maximise the savings that we can offer, it in no way reflects on the standard of the design, build or materials used.

Our aim is to re-use and re-cycle as much as possible in a commercially viable and environmentally friendly way. You can also help achieve this by returning your unit at the end of its life, simply call us or fill in the enquiry form on this site and we will come and collect the unit free of charge, unfortunately we cannot give you anything for the unit at this time.

Please note that the photographs used in this section are also re-cycled from the new section and therefore may not truly represent the units available.